Brokers Can Connect You with Customized Commercial Insurance Coverage for HVAC Businesses


Insurance for HVAC companies has to cover a lot of ground. There are various aspects of the job that have inherent risks to workers, and there are occasional work-related problems that can occur for which you need to have liability protection. There are also the usual sorts of problems that can occur, such as equipment breakdown or theft. Often the "one size fits all” approach of big insurance companies is not the best option for HVAC businesses. Are you confident that your current insurance policy protects against all of the situations that can occur? The best insurance is usually customized commercial coverage that will be designed to be specific to your HVAC company’s needs.


Protecting Workers


Whether your crew is installing a ventilation system, a heating system, or repairing a broken air conditioning unit, all involve the usual types of risks faced by tradespersons who do physically demanding work. HVAC teams may have to use specialty equipment, and they may be forced to work in irregular, cramped spaces. The dangers of falls, burns, electrocution, or exposure to toxic substances such as asbestos are very real for your trade. Your insurance should protect you and your employees against any accidents that may occur.


A great bonus of opting for customized commercial insurance is that it usually results in increased safety for personnel. This is because one of the services that your insurance broker will provide is a comprehensive risk analysis, conducted by a safety specialist. This professional will be well versed in the current legislation and guidelines, and will also be informed about any development in safety techniques. The purpose of this risk analysis is to discover what types of coverage your business will require, but a side benefit is that the safety specialist will inform you if there are any improvements you can make in order to reduce your exposure to risk.


In addition, making these safety procedure adjustments will make your company more attractive to insurance companies, and will result in lower rates for you.


Financial Protection


Of course, financial considerations are also very important, so you will need general liability coverage in case of damage to a client’s property. When you’re working with HVAC, there are possibilities such as:

  • Leaks from air conditioning systems,
  • Burst water heaters or boilers,
  • Fire damage,
  • Electrical malfunction or electrocution,
  • Water damage.


You may also find yourself liable for exposing your client to harmful molds or for health hazards caused by installation or repairs.


In addition, equipment can break down, your truck can be stolen, or you may incur expenses due to insurable incidents occurring. All of these possibilities should be taken into account.


Once you have thoroughly discussed the risk analysis report with your broker, he/she will recommend an insurance package for you. If you have any questions or problems along the way, your broker will be glad to answer them. And if you ever have to make a claim, your broker can help you with that process, too.


Contact a broker who specializes in customized commercial insurance coverage for HVAC today, and ensure that your business and employees are fully protected.

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